Thursday, June 21, 2012

PC Tricks

Trick 1:
To del more temp files in ur pc, go to run and type prefetch , %TEMP% , TEMP 
then enter. Select all and del it 
1.start-->run---> prefetch then hit entre.Select all and shift+delete
2.start-->run---> %TEMP% then hit entre.Select all and shift+delete
3.start-->run---> TEMP then hit entre.Select all and shift+delete
Trick 2:
Want to increase ur pendrive 
data transfer speed just 
format it with NTFS & keep 
allocation size to default
Trick 3:
How 2 Delete All Cookies IN History 
In Any WebBrowser? - Just Press Ctrl + 
Shift + Delete In Browsr Window
Trick 4:
Trick 5:
Increase your Computer Speed
This trick will help your computer work faster than ever before. To increase the speed of your computer, please follow the steps below:
•         Go to start, click run and then type “regedit”
•         Select "HKEY_CURRENT_USER”, then select control panel folder and after that select the desktop folder. Make sure you do it correctly.
•         You will see "registry setting" on your right hand side. After, select "menu show delay”, then right click on it and select "modify".
•         You will find "edit string option" where the "default value data is 400". Change the Value Data to 000.
•         Restart you computer after completing the above process. You will notice a significant change in your computers’ speed!
Trick 6:
Acces your system property fast: 
Press ALT+CLICK on my computer icon! 
Thats it!
Trick 7:
Increase ur WEB BROWSER loading 
speed & save Time by 65% 
(both pc & mobi) ? 1) CLEAR 
CACHE MEMORY evry 10min ! 2) 
set OFF IMAGES if no need !
                       SHUTDOWN SHORTCUT
Trick 8:
 For shutdown xp and vista speedly just press 
Windows icon key+u+u 
Trick 9:
Ctrl+alt+enter+del= pc direct shut down
Trick 10:
for pc 
1)how to fool friends 
first go to notepad and type shutdown -r -t 60 and save as 
to bat(txt ki jagha) file on desktop then right click on it and 
cut it and goto start>all program> start up and pase it 
Trick 11:
Right click on your desktop and choose "New=>shortcuts". 
In the box that says "Type the location of the shortcut", 
type in "shutdown -s -t 3600" without the quotation marks and click next.
                                 WINDOWS TIP
Trick 12:
If your OS is windows 7 ,then press start and tab keys,it will show all open windows.
Tricks 13:
To Increase or Decrease Font 
Size in any Internet Browser: 
Press & Hold CTRL key on keyboard 
and scroll the mouse wheel
Trick 14:
First of al you have stop the written msworld just ctl+shift+f8 
Trick 15:
hi frinds this trick is a very usefull alt+shift+numlock keys and 
without mouse corsuer raning try now really. 
Trick 16:
Chenge the windos setup colour press (shift +f2) 
Trick 17:
Pres alt+tab continuosly to move frm 1window 2 
another witout using ur mouse
                      FORGET PASSWORD?
Trick 18:
Forget Computer Passwrd? 
-Restart Pc -Press F5 -Select-Safe Mode 
-Select-Administrator -Goto-User A/c -Remove Password
Trick 19:
Change password of any account, 
add new account or delete an 
account for XP 
>run "Control userpasswords2
Trick 20:
how to lock the whole computer system-just go to menu>run type "SYSKEY' then update and enter ur password.. 
Trick 21:
For pc. 
Make a folder by name CON 
it iz made ur window iz duplicate. 
If nt u r using orignal. 
Trick 30:
Wanna Know Past Two Months 
Workings Of Ur Pc? Then, 
Press: CTRL+H - It Vill 
ShOw U Ur PaSt TwO Months HiStOry ! Try!!
Trick 31:
USEFULL TIP: According to Microsoft 
Security Advisory, if a xp user 
don't press f1 if any site ask u 
to do so, ur pc can be hacked
What is computer hacking.? 
Computer hacking is a skill 
of modifying hardware & 
software to access pc without 
the users permission.
Trick  32:
dit Any webpage u want, 
~Go2 the site u wish 2 edit 
~Than in address bar type- 
body.contentEdit and enter. Enjoy.
Trick 34:
REMOVE thumb.db file frm ur folders 
>tools >folder optns >view 
>files & folders >DO NOT cache tumbnail
Trick 35:
Excel Tip: After any operation 
in a spread sheet press F4 to 
repeat d same. It mostly used 
while inserting new row/column. 
Enjoy with us!
Trick 36:
How To Find Your IP Addres..? 
Just Open Command Prompt - 
Type; Ipconfig - Press Enter
Trick 37:
Load ur folders faster in PC: -Tools -Folder options -View -Automatically search 4 network folders & printers -Don't cache thumbnails.
Trick 38:
Folder Without A Name
Do you know that it is possible to create a folder without a name? Indeed, you can create a folder without any name at all! Follow the steps below to create a folder without any name:
•         Firstly, remove the old name. (right click , rename and click delete) 
•         Then , press and hold down the ALT button and type 0160, then press Enter.
Important: Make sure you have switched on the number pad of your computer when you type "0160".
Trick 39:
How to make fool to ur friends just follow steps.,. 
1. In windows starting click button name ;print screen; 
2. Open paint and press "crtl+v; 
3. Save this and set it as wallpaper 
4. Hide all icon at desktop 
this trick is to fool ur friend to ur comp. Is not work 
Trick 40: 
For pc 
Want ur name in your homepage? 
Just go to and write ur name and select ur name style then submit this and 
then copy this web address and open internet setting then paste it to homepage box now when 
u open ur browser u saw ur name in ur style 
Trick 41:
Create OnLine Screensaver 
With Ur Own Text Style..! 
Go To:
Trick 42:
1.Want an Alarm Clock online? 
2.Learn Maths Online With The 
Help of Videos for Free? 
Goto :
Trick 43:
1. Notepad Trick:
Open notepad and type .LOG in capital letters and press ENTER. You can record the exact date and time by using this trick.
2. Microsoft Word Trick:
Simply open up Microsoft Word and type this =Rand (200, 99) then press enter. Hopefully you enjoy the magic!
3. Reserved Keyword Trick:
Do you know that it is not possible make a folder with the name "con”? No matter how many times you try to make a folder with the name "Con", you won't be able to do it.
The reason: Con is a "reserved keyword" used by DOS, so you can't create a folder with that keyword. However, there is a way to create a folder with the name “CON”. To do this, go to the command prompt and type "MD \\.\E:\CON” . This will create a folder named CON in the E drive of your Computer.
4. Strange Font:
Open your notepad and increase the font size to 72, then change the font to Windings. Afterwards, type your name in capital letters. You’ll be surprised to see some peculiar symbols!
Trick 44:
PC tweaking trick go to tools 
>folder option >view 
>uncheck is automatically search 
for network folder & printers 
>select ok Done
Trick 45:
shaking browser script 

Trick 46:
Follow these steps: 
Start-control panel-regional and language- 
customize-timetab-change am and pm with ur name-apply-OK 
Trick 47:
1.Trick to Show ur name afr time in taskbar.. --> 
Try this trick to add up ur name in place of AM and 
PM beside time Its simple Step-1:- Navigate to -> 
Start ->Control Pannel ->Regional and Language 
Option ->Click on Customize ->Go to TIME Tab 
->Change AM symbol and PM symbol from AM and PM 
to ur name ->Apply ->Ok .. Did It change? 
If not, follow step-2 below. Step2:- Now go to time 
in taskbar and Double Click it to open"Date 
and time property"..Look place where time changes 
in digital form i.e. 02:47:52 AM , click to arrow to cnage 
the AM or PM by selecting and press arrow. It will Show ur 
name or name that was entered by u, Apply ->OK
Name: Password door Version: 5.0 
Serial Number: ZRKLQ3BPEIXX > 
try (install) ur own risk
Trick 48:
To partition ur Hdisk --Go2 My computer right click manage,, 
disk management.Now ur dsk dtls win pop up.Navy Blue is D Primary 
(System) partition,sky blue is D active logical N Black is d unlocated 
space.right click N select New,delete,sync,expand whats U want2 do 
(exp. op only avle on win7).but do it carefully. ANY QUERIES ?
Trick 49: 
-How to Share a Folder in Windows Systems If you have a home network or inside a corporate network, you can share your files with other computers in your house or share office documents with your co-workers. 
-Having a shared folder is convenient for file exchange. 
-You don’t need to bring a blank CD or a flash drive to another computer to copy the files you need and bring back to your computer. 
-In order for you to set up a shared folder, you need to have a home workgoup network setup or under the same domain inside a corporate. 
-You can follow these steps to setup a sharing folder. 
-Step 1 Create a new folder, you can place inside the C drive, or you can put in on your desktop or inside your “My Documents” folder. 
-Step 2 Now select the folder and right click on it, choose “Properties”.
-The folder properties window opens up. 
-Step 3 On the top of the window, click on “Sharing” tab. 
-And select the radio button “Share this folder”. Then enter a name for the share name. 
-Step 4 On the same window, click on “Permission” and the permission window will come up. 
-The default group or user names is Everyone, of course you can add or remove another group or user by clicking the “Add” and “Remove” buttons. Step 5 In the permissions box, give proper permissions to each group or user: “Read” means to grant the user to read only, while “Change” grant to edit and “Full Control” means you grant access to read, edit and delete files within the shared folder. 
-Step 6 Now to test your work: from Start, click on Run, enter the network path to the folder, normally looks like this: pcnamesharedfoldername 
Trick 50:
Speed Up SATA Hard Drives&USB Drives In Windows Vista Window Vista has built in support for SATA and external drives, but they seem to be slow because the advanced write cache features aren’t automatically activated. 
-With just few steps you can enable them and get a much faster response. 
-First you need to go to the Device Manager which you can go directly by just typing device in the start menu search box or just type in devmgmt.msc in command line. 
-Now open the Disk drives section and right click on your hard drive. 
-Now click on the Policies tab and you’ll find this dialog box: Now click the checkbox for Enable advanced performance, and you are done. 
-Write caching isn’t enabled by default as removing devices directly without using the “Safely remove removable device”may lose your data, so be cautious when enabling this options. But enabling this option also when speeding up performance significantly when writing to the disk. 
-Now select the external drive and double click it to open up the properties screen. 
-Then just change the setting to “Optimize for performance” and hit OK to continue. 
-You’ll have to reboot for all the settings to take effect. 
-Next time you boot into Windows Vista you’ll see faster bootup times and better disk writing performance.
Trick 51:
admin- This is an amazing trick to amaze your friends. 
-By using this trick you can make your computer to speak whatever you type. 
-This trick is working on all microsoft operating system and does not require any programming skills. 
-You have to follow just simple steps and your own Text to Voice software will be ready. 
-If you show this software to any of your friends he will be certainly impressed with you 
-Ok,the trick is fairly simple and requires only 3 simple steps from your side. 
-Let’s Begin 1.Open Notepad and copy and paste the following code into it Dim message, sapi message=InputBox 
("What do you want me to say?","Speak to Me") Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice") sapi.Speak message 
-2.Now save the notepad file with the name speak.vbs at your desktop.
-3.Now double click on speak.vbs type in the box whatever you want your computer to speak for you.
                             Windows Blue Screen Problem
Trick 52:
admin- How to auto restart Windows Xp and Vista in case of System Failure Windows Blue Screen 
of Death in both of Xp and Vista are the most terrible thing which happens when there 
is a system failure and machine comes to an halt. The next you do is power down the 
machine and start it manually. However you can change this to make it restart 
automatically after the dump is created instead of waiting. 
-* Right click on My Computer and Click Properties 
-* Click on settings of System and Recovery. 
-* Remember this place is you can configure what the system will do when it gets into system failure. 
-* Just check the check box which says Automatically restart Now the next time your computer goes 
for a system failure it will auto restart. 
-But You will have to wait for the dumb to get created. 
-Moreover you can also check for Overwriting the old dump file in case you want to save some space. 
            Microsoft Office 2007 Activate Full Version Without pro..key
Trick 53:

Free microsoft office 2007 Product keyby ARUN. Below i am
posting a procedure to convert Microsoft office to full version:
Converting Microsoft Office 2007 to Full Version:This requires
that Microsoft Office 2007 has been installed without the product
key in the first place. Once Microsoft Office 2007 has been installed
with no product key, proceed as follows:

1. In Windows Explorer, browse
to the following folder:C:Program File,Common Files,Microsoft Shared,
OFFICE12,Office Setup Controller,Proof.en
2. Right click on Proof.
XML file, select Open With in the right click menu.
3 .In the Open With window, select Notepad to be used to open the XML file.
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Proof.XML to locate the following lines
feature Id=SetupXml Files
optionref Id=AlwaysInstalled feature
5. Change the AlwaysInsalled to neverInstalled so that the line looks like
following optionref Id=neverInstalled
6. Save the Proof.xml file.
7. You can now launch Microsoft Office 2007 application such as Word, Excel,
Powerpoint, Outlook and etc without prompting for activation.